Another milestone on the Macrigi path

An important day for Macrigi

We are celebrating our first official Macrigi corner @ Dèja Vu in Massanzago, Padova! 

«This is the first of a series of new openings that will take place in Nothern Italy and UK

With this initiative we want to showcase our vast selection of high quality Made in Italy products to the retail Italian and international audience, spreading the awareness of the benefits of a diet based on healthy, organic, handmade quality food.

If you’re hanging around Padova (ITALY), come and see our beautiful corner

at Dèja Vu!

While tasting one of the owner’s delicacies, you will be able to see and purchase some of the products of our best manufacturers, such as:

«Pasta Picena, Enotria Tellus, Valmar, Giovinotto Wines, Bri.Mac, Lapoc, Granodoro, Fazzigna Vini, Pastificio Cardamone,Masto Antonio, Pandolio, Pasticeria Majn

If you will not be able to get there, don’t worry!

We can ship any of our products directly to your house, anywhere in the world!

Stay tuned on Macrigi’s Blog and social network pages for new updates on our activities and the Made in Italy world!

ATTENTION : The prices are updated weekly and if you are a wholesaler you must register on our platform to see the prices dedicated to you

Macrigi Team

Macrigi Team

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