Pinsa Roman by Di Marco Pizza gets a Revolutionary make-over!

Pinsa Romana™ by Di Marco Pizza gets a Revolutionary make-over!

Pizza gets a Revolutionary make-over!

Originale Pinsa Romana™ by Di Marco.

Pizza has been a staple in Italian cuisine for centuries, but the industry has been dominated by the same old recipes and toppings. However, the last few years has seen Original Pinsa Romana™ by Di Marco leading an industry revolution with its unique take on the classic dish.

What is Pinsa Romana?

Pinsa or Pinsa Romana is a healthier and more digestible version of the classic Neapolitan pizza. Originally known as Roman pizza, is a type of flatbread that originated in ancient Rome millennia ago.

Pinsa’s modern re-invention comes about in 2001 when the Di Marco family, a well know bread making family form Rome, began searching for a healthier take on this classic recipe. Experimenting with high quality flour mixes, sour-dough and fermentation it would take seven years and 2000 tests before they would introduce Originale Pinsa Romana™  to the Italian food industry.

Di Marco’s Pinsa Romana™  is a premium quality pre-baked sour-dough base that can be topped, baked and served in minutes. It’s unique qualities, flavour and health benefits are the innovation that have made Di Marco the world’s leading supplier of Pinsa Romana.

The Difference Between Pinsa and Pizza

Both foods are made of baked dough and can be topped with the same ingredients. The difference lies in the shape (Pinsa is oval), type of dough, its preparation technique, taste and digestibility.

Originale Pinsa Romana™ is a fine Italian bread base made with three flours: wheat, soy, and rice flour. It has a high percentage of hydration (80%), 72 hour fermentation, a light airy interior, delicious crust, and aromatic flavour. Its crispness means no soggy middle, like pizza!

Pinsa Romana also offers several health benefits. It is a low-calorie, high-protein product that is low in gluten (also gluten-free) to suit individual dietary needs. With its growing popularity, Pinsa Romana is becoming a popular choice for health-conscious consumers.

Traditionally Pinsa’s require fewer toppings which can be added after backing too – great for those focused on keeping food costs low. Garnish as you like, with sweet or savoury ingredients and served hot or cold, the creativity is really, endless.

Di Marco has since gained a following for its innovation and attention to detail, and has received several awards, most recently at ANUGA 2023 for Best Product in Italian Bread Category.  This is their 3rd Award in two years following wins in 2022 at the D&S Award in Italy and Snacking D’or award in France.

What Pinsa Romana offers the Gastronomy industry

The Originale Pinsa Romana™ offers the food service industry (Restaurants, Pubs, B&I ) many advantages.

• It is easy to use – taking the expertise out of food preparation.

• Fast and efficient – ready to serve in minutes.

• Requires little preparation space – excellent for small kitchens.

• Versatile: served sweet or sour, hot or cold.

• Available in 8 sizes and variants including a Gluten Free version.

• Is snap frozen lengthening the shelf life to 18 months.

• Being healthier, it has a better image than the competition (pizza).

• No food waste.

As the popularity of pinsa continues to grow, it is likely that we will see more innovative and creative formats and recipes in the future. Whether you are a fan of traditional pizza or are looking for a healthier alternative, Original Pinsa Romana by Di Marco is definitely worth trying.

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