Macrigi Evolution

Step by Step.

Macrigi is undoubtedly the new Italian reality abroad. Our goal is to bring the Made in Italy quality to the world!

Thanks to our web site we have reached many customers in different continents, but now thanks to the commitment and perseverance of the Macrigi Team we are physically present in England and Italy.

An important milestone for all of us, but we will certainly not stop there!

Where we are and what we do

Our first Macrigi shop is now open in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

If you pass over there you will be able to taste our products and you will be welcome by a team of professionals who will take care of you.

It is important for us to let you taste the product before buying it, so that our chef can explain the secrets to obtaining a good recipe!

In addition, our team will show you the quality present in other Macrigi products such as clothes or products for the wellness of the couple. Do not miss this opportunity and come to visit us!

For the future

We are growing visibly and we want the best for our customers! This pushes us to make us achieve our goals and one of these is to be present with stores globally.We want to make you feel the italian culture, to bring the best Made in Italy to you and we would like our  quality  products to be in restaurants around the world.

Macrigi Team

Macrigi Team

Latest Arrivals

Macrigi Marketplace dedicated to you!

Macrigi aims to transform your shopping experience and give you unique experiences!

Macrigi Marketplace is the only platform to get excellent products made by SMEs at an affordable price!

We are wholesalers who bring small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) together in one convenient location. We specialize in Food, Beverage, Fashion, Technology, Luxury Products and Construction.
Every company on our platform has obtained our certification of excellence!

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