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In 2016 from the idea of Dr Antonio Lauro the D-IOOC was born, whose name changed in EVO-IOOC in 2018.

Since the first edition, the contest was proclaimed by the WREVOO (WORLD RANKING EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL), an organization specialed in promoting the best EVO oils at world level, included for rilevanc among the top five international extravirgin olive oil contests gave us the opportunity to gain nine valid points for the global ranking (only three others contest gave the same assignmen on total of thirty-one contests)

In 2018 after the name changed in EVO -IOOC, the contest grew up and changed partnership.

so here it starts the EVOLUTION (for intenational clarity and conciseness in EVO ) of the D-IOOC international contest, first in south Italy, that reached its third edition.

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