Visciole marchigiane | A versatile fruit that everyone envies us

Love for your work and respect for nature

The Antinori Farm, specialized in the treatment of viscioleb since 1980, was born from the restructuring of a tool shed. That tool shed gave birth to a lab and a store.

The company is managed by a young couple who from the beginning has followed the path of respect for the environment. Small actions, but really important:

– The water used to irrigate the plantation of visciole and fruit trees is fished by electric pumps from a small lake in the property;
– The electricity is produced by photovoltaic panels that meet all the company’s consumption;
– They do not use chemical fertilisers for fertilisation, but only biological fertilisers;
– Cores from the processing of visciole are reused to protect the roots of plants from the winter cold and to keep them cool in summer.

In short, we are talking about a green company that produces really delicious niche products!

But what are Visciole?

Prunus Cerasus is a widespread plant in the countryside and hills of the Marche, more commonly known as “visciole”. Adapting to any type of soil and needing no special care, this plant also grows in wild form

Once harvested, the visciole are cleaned and selected and then placed together with the wine and sugar in steel containers. They are usually harvested in the June period when they reach the point of ripeness.

What products can be produced with Visciole?

The visciole are a very versatile fruit that allows you to create various product lines.

Of course its main use concerns the production of wines of visciole or brandy always obtained from the distillation of them.

In addition to being used for the production of alcoholic beverages it is also exploited for other purposes.

In fact it is used to create excellent jams, syrups, biscuits or even body creams.

I’ll tell you how this passion was born

Now Giorgio, owner of the company, will tell you how this passion was born:

“The love for the land and its products grew with me thanks to the experience of my grandparents dedicated to work in the countryside that has always accompanied my memories. Among other things, as a child I was always fascinated by the meaning of the name George who is “worker of the earth”. And perhaps from there that my desire to devote myself to agriculture began to exist

The drive to pursue my dream comes in 2011 when the company where I worked goes into crisis finding itself to close the plant at the end of the year. I have always believed that for every end life has reserved a new beginning for us and this “occasion” has been once again the confirmation.

I mustered all the desire to get in the game and started to shape my idea. And thanks to the first appreciation I received I decided to invest more and more on this product, putting head and heart. “

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