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Carovigno is in the northern area of Salento, 30 km from Brindisi and just 7 km from the beaches of the Adriatic.In this area it is located Torre Guaceto is an important nature reserve protected by the WWF divided into two areas and with an extension of about 1,200 hectares.


Upstream, the visitor discovers a landscape of Mediterranean character with dunes, swamps and this is an area characterized by large olive groves, symbol of the agricultural tradition of Puglia, for centuries and still today considered an important center for the production of olive oil, many ancient trees such as those in the property of the Essence of Puglia are marked with a identification plate of the Puglia region are protected, monitored and geo localizeted .

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Going to the sea, the landscape of the reserve is characterized by coastal dunes, with some stretches of gray dunes that touch the 15 meters of height and long stretches of fine sand and the soft backdrop that slopes gently.

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