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It was 1980 when, in the area between the provinces of Vicenza and Verona, Majn pastry shop was founded.

The company roots are in the Italian tradition and the motto is to combine the artisanal skills with the use of modern techniques and instruments.

Among the various patisseries in the area, Majn immediately stands out for the quality and freshness of its strictly artisan products.


Loved by young people, it soon became very polular among the local children, in a historical context where pastry shops were one of the few meeting points.


The work at our workshop is done with passion: the careful choice of our collaborators and suppliers, the wide availability of products, the care and attention to the customer, guaranteed Majn a rapid rise in the area.

famous “Brescia Cake” and the “Cremino al Recioto” of which we own an official patent.

In 2009 when Fernanda, the owner’s daughter and official confectioner of Majn, discovered that she was a celiac, she decided to combine the traditional production with a gluten-free laboratory, managed directly by herself.

The idea was to create a gluten free environment where she could have emulated the production of the traditional
Majn pastry laboratory, transferring all the knowledge of the family patisserie into the new gluten free workshop.

The idea was immediately welcomed with enthusiasm by the gluten intolerant population of the area.

From the the pastry production, soon Fernanda decided to include the bread production.
Soon the production of bread, pasta and pizza became stable and increased until, in spring 2014, the AIC (Italian celiac association) accepted and included in its network Majn as its first laboratory in the Veneto region, recognizing it for the quality of its products , but above all for having successfully passed its rigorous controls.

A further step is taken a few years later when Majn inserts many of its products into the register of the Italian Ministry of Health, making sure that people with celiac disease have access to such products with the assistance of the Italian government.

Today Majn is present in the territory as a pastry shop, with a large room and a quiet summer garden where you can enjoy delicious gluten free breakfasts, where you can drink a good coffee, refresh yourself with an ice cream in the summer or maybe with a hot chocolate in winter.

At our patisserie you can order your personalized cakes for any occasion, you can buy gluten-free products of all kinds, many of which are available with a ministerial voucher.

During the Christmas and Easter holidays, Majn produces also handcrafted Pandoro, Panettone, Colomba and Easter eggs: all strictly gluten free.

As a gluten free laboratory, Majn supplies gluten free shops and pharmacies in Veneto, Lombardy and Emilia Romagna regions.


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Try Majn Pastry Shop products, on sale only at, and you’ll discover a world of healthy delights!

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