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An Italy that still today looking at this picture reminds us how we were and how we are today.

The heart of Italians is large and generous. The Italian likes to get up in the morning to look at the magnificent colors that only our territory can give. We Italians are that people that from the maximum only when it is in difficulty, unfortunately we have always been in difficulty for a long time, this has allowed Italy to be the most envied and loved nation in the world.

They are not words of nationalist but data in hand, 4.3 Million Small and Medium Enterprises have made that the Made in Italy is synonymous with excellence, quality, genuineness and puts Made in Italy products to be chosen by 84 people out of 100 of the global market.

My beautiful Italy, so rich in everything but so poor in making common strength, a territory that still today of its regional boundaries prides itself on it, beautiful and fascinating the various dialects that change from one border to another, beautiful transformations of landscapes and fantasy of color between one region and another. Gathering and making common force in the various sectors of Italian excellence has always been our Vision. To make common force to ensure that all SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) they can have a commercial strength and recognition of their productive efforts.

Now this Vision has become a reality and so many SMEs have joined this mission,

we at Macrigi present the best Italian products to wholesalers certified and verified.

We thank our wholesale customers who have already made our products known and were enthusiastic about the quality and goodness.

Imagine if gives even a chance to advertise the wholesale customer who bought it from us, what would it be? Our only goal to grow and saw all those who enter our platform to have more positive feedback. The Macrigi Team work with the heart and the passion of this Vision.

Macrigi Team

Macrigi Team

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