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A sector that Knows no crisis

For years the furniture industry has been growing and despite the period we are living does not begin to decline.

In the period from the beginning of the pandemic until today, the sale of furniture is one of the few sectors that has not experienced crisis, indeed it is estimated that the sale has increased by 30%.

The goal now is to expand beyond national borders to cover the European market and beyond!

Hence the idea of collaborating with the Macrigi Marketplace platform to have the guarantee of expanding our market abroad in a simple and secure way.

The company

“The goal that has always distinguished Artes is to combine functionality, safety and high aesthetic quality.”

Founded in the ’70s as a small craft company, it has grown over time and is now a solid company.

Artes is an Italian company specialized in the design, production and installation of furniture for shops, offices, banks, bars, hotels and contract.

The Artes team is able to offer design and consulting services, from the rational study of spaces and paths, to the choice of details in terms of materials, colors and finishes.

Our values

We are constantly striving to offer quality with the aim of meeting the wishes and needs of the customer, in compliance with the fundamental criteria of safety and environmental protection.

Not only furniture

As you may have guessed from the title we do not sell only custom furniture or services of finishes and renovations.

In fact, we also offer a wide range of products for cooking, preparation, storage and refrigeration of foods as well as accessories for bars and restaurants.

It will be precisely with these products that we will point decisively, thanks to the collaboration with Macrigi, towards the catering market.

Why use our products?

Always get better and better!

Our commitment is to constantly improve the products we design so that customers are 100% satisfied.

The materials we use are of high quality, this allows the product to have a more durable efficiency over time as well as perform the work impeccably.

We constantly invest in the continuous search for innovative products with the best possible relationship in terms of quality/ price.

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