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What gluten free means

Gluten Free is a diet for those who want to discover a different way of eating, less industrial-made and artifact and more genuine easier to digest. The Gluten Free diet is ideal for rediscovering the flavors, colors and scents of the good old days.

Eating Gluten Free is not limited only to those who are intolerant to gluten, but it also represents an alternative for those who have to deal every day with gastrointestinal disorders or intolerances to ingredients such as milk proteins, lactose, eggs and yeast, wheat, soy, and more. A good tip is to always read the label of the ingredients on each package.

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All Gluten Free products are made with flour and ingredients that are naturally gluten free and free from any gluten contamination, even during the manufacturing process.

Furthermore, Gluten Free products are ideal for those who wish to return to a natural, quality diet, like the diet of our grandparents, where the deliciousness was always combined with simplicity.

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