Macrigi Franchise Project

Start your business with Macrigi!

Our mission and our Founder’s dream is to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by offering them profitable opportunities to start their own business by tapping into a global market.
Today we give you the opportunity to open one of our Showrooms in 30 days and ready to work and earn both in the B2C and B2B sector,immediately even against the temporary restrictions of COVID-19.

Simple, fast and guaranteed by our experience with our first Macrigi Showroom in the UK.

A Roadmap Together To our Success

Macrigi Marketplace franchise

Macrigi Retail Customer

We will share the best offers and discounts with you. We want to dedicate the best pampering and attention to the choices of our customers

Franchise Macrigi

Create a one of a kind multisectoral showroom in the UK and around the world, offering a tremendous opportunity for revenue and growth to our affiliates and a unique experience for our retail clients.

Our Wholesalers

Macrigi Has a 13K database of Wholesalers (Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs, and Shops of various sectors) By choosing to be a Macrigi franchise, you will manage customers already acquired by Macrigi and new customers.

Advantages Franchise Macrigi

- Extraordinary strength of the Marketplace Platform
- Exceptional quality / price ratio (Unique Excellences)
- Surprising margins on B2C sales and Excellent B2B commission
- Zone exclusives
- No warehouse investment
Thanks also to a simple, efficient and effective restocking system with our platform
- Sales monitoring for product management and changes.
- Simplified management of the sales activity
Thanks to the Taste and After Buy strategy (with Macrigi Exclusive formula)
- High flow of business and customers
- High return on invested capital with return guaranteed in one year.

Advertising and Style

- The Macrigi Style stands out for the attention paid to the quality of the Products exclusively organic and artisanal Italians.
- You will not have costs of advertising campaigns to acquire customers!
- The collections include: Cheeses, Salumi, Glutenfree Pasta, Bakery, Sauces, Frozen Food, Ice Cream, Desserts, Beer, Wine and Spirits and much more that is updated every month.
- Sales strategy, practical, simple and exceptional.
- The primary objective of the Macrigi Team is to give an unforgettable initial customer experience that leads him to be a loyal customer. (Strategy and Products at ZERO cost)
- You will recognize a small commission on sales
- You will have no obligation to supply the warehouse with large quantities (only what statistically sells weekly)

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Mozzarella Fior Di Latte Cubed in Bag 1.5 kg


Sicilian Cannoli Cialda Wafer

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Shredded Mozzarella 2Kg


Sicilian Pistachio Cream “Brand Condorelli” 190g


TUSCAN SAUSAGE Luganega style

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Luganega Sausage with Calabrian Chilli

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Coffee tasting box in capsules compatible Nespresso

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Coffee pods tasting box

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Pod coffee machine for home

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Italian coffee beans 1Kg - Classic

Italian coffee beans 1Kg – Classic & Gold

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Classic coffee capsules compatible Nespresso

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