This guide contains confirmation of the allergens that can be found in the food and drinks we serve. Customers with specific dietary requirements should inform staff of their needs prior to ordering, to minimize the risk of cross-contamination. Ingredients and specifications can change; so even if you have dined with us before, it is important to review this information before ordering.


Our staff cannot offer specific advice or recommendations beyond our published allergen communications.


Packaged products will not be covered in this allergen guide; however, you will find information about allergens on the packaging. Any beverage not described in this guide may require customers to check the information on the packaging of each product. Ask a staff member to show you the product packaging.




Although our pans are separate, they have a shared oil filter system. The risk of cross-contamination with allergens can occur when oil passes through the filter. Furthermore, the proximity of food while cooking on our grills can also lead to cross-contamination.


This information only identifies the 14 major allergens. Our kitchens do not handle products that contain lupins or peanuts; however, we do sell prepackaged peanuts, almonds, pistachios from our shop. The information provided refers only to the actual ingredients of the menu items and does not take into account any customizations or requests made when ordering. Many of the ingredients we use are agricultural products that manage additional allergens. Manufacturers have checks in place and are subject to frequent checks, however customers should be aware that there may be a small risk of cross-contamination.
If a menu item contains an allergen in its ingredients, a “Yes” is displayed next to the corresponding allergen. If the menu items offer several side options, check the allergen information relevant to your choice, for example: French fries, poached potatoes, or side salad.


While we have procedures to separate preparation within meals and beverages, the kitchen and bar service may have shared prep / cooking areas. If you have a specific need for food / beverage allergens, please let us know; We will take reasonable steps to prepare your meal safely, although we cannot guarantee a completely allergen-free environment or products.