Originale Pinsa Romana MINI – 50x Frozen Base 19x21x2cm 135g


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Originale Pinsa Romana by Di Marco.

Artisan pre-baked sour-dough pinsa base made from high quality wheat, rice flour, & soy flour.

No GMO, Vegan, Halal, Kosher.

50 pinsas inside the carton, IQF Frozen.

size: 19x21x2cm 135gr

The product contains gluten and traces of mustard.

Price per single item Minimum order one box

Shelf Life: 540 days Storage temperature:  – 18°C

Preparation method: Defrost base for 3-4 minutes, add toppings and finish baking for 4-8 minutes in the oven at 250°C~320°C

In stock

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